• Microsoft Brings SQL Server to Linux
    [March 15, 2016] Microsoft announced that it will bring SQL Server to Linux, enabling a consistent data platform across Windows Server and Linux. For now, the core relational database capabilities are in preview (starting immediately) with availability coming mid-2017. “SQL Server on Linux will provide customers with even more flexibility in their data solution,” said Scott Guthrie, Executive […]
  • The Linux Foundation Announces Partnership with Linux Academy on Training
    [February 2, 2016] The Linux Foundation recently announced a new partnership with Linux Academy on discounted Linux training for SysAdmins. The Foundation says it negotiated a special rate for Sysadmins around the world ($75 for 3 months). “Subscription-based training opportunities offer SysAdmins another way to access Linux and open source training materials,” the Foundation said. “A quarterly subscription […]
  • Update Apps and Programs on Ubuntu Linux
    [December 11, 2015] I’m running Ubuntu 15.0 Linux on my home file server and so far it’s going great, but I can’t figure out how to force an app update. What’s the easiest way to update the programs on my Ubuntu box? I love that I’m getting Linux questions, as I’m a lifelong fan of Linux and Unix, […]
  • Microsoft Partners with Red Hat
    [November 11, 2015] Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it has entered a partnership with Red Hat to include Red Hat solutions on Microsoft Azure. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is to be offered as the preferred choice for enterprise Linux workloads. The two companies are also working together to address enterprise, ISV and developer needs for building, deploying, and […]
  • The Linux Foundation Has Declared There Will Be A New Real-Time Linux Collaborative Project
    [October 7, 2015] The Linux Foundation announced the new Real-Time Linux (RTL) Collaborative Project, which sees Altera, ARM, Google, Intel, IBM, National Instruments, OSADL, Texas Instruments, and others working together to work on technologies for industries including robotics, telecom, manufacturing, aviation, and medical, among others.
  • Microsoft’s Developer Announcements From The Build Conference
    [May 8, 2015] It was a big day in Microsoftland, where the company announced new Windows 10 features and unveiled a set of SDKs to help developers bring their code for the web, .NET, Win32, Android and iOS to Windows 10. Additionally, the company announced new Microsoft Azure data services for intelligent apps, Visual Studio and .NET tools […]
  • Getting Started with JARVYS Backups
    [March 4, 2015] I previously interviewed the creators of JARVYS, a Linux backup solution that makes backups and restores as easy as a single command.  I wanted to post a follow-up to show just how easy it is to setup and use on a Linux system.  I’ll be using a virtual server running Debian 7 as my test […]
  • JARVYS, Set It and Forget It Linux Backups
    [February 4, 2015] Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cloud based file backup system that put Linux FIRST?  One that made it so we didn’t have to use FUSE?  One that didn’t put out a Windows client first and the Linux client was an afterthought?  One that you could get installed and configured quickly and easily […]
  • Red Hat Announces Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA Platform is Now Available
    [December 17, 2014] Red Hat announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the SAP HANA platform is now available to be deployed across the open hybrid cloud. This of course includes via those public cloud providers certified by Red Hat.
  • Netrunner – The Best Distro You’ve Barely Heard Of
    [September 10, 2014] In my quest to find a professional and polished distribution of Linux that used KDE as the default desktop…I tried out quite a few flavors: Kubuntu, Salix, Manjaro, PCLinuxOS and evenOpenSuse. All done in the past few weeks.
  • Manjaro KDE Notes
    [July 30, 2014] This week I decided to step up from Window Manager Manjaro Openbox and give the latest version of the Desktop Environment in KDE try. I’m one of those odd people who love minimalist desktops like openbox, xmonad, and i3 but still have a soft spot in their hearts for KDE.
  • OpenStack Support Coming To Oracle Linux and VM
    [May 28, 2014] Oracle announced OpenStack support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. The company introduced a preview of an OpenStack distribution that allows users of either to work with the open source cloud software. Oracle says it provides customers with more choices and interoperability while taking advantage of “efficiency, performance, scalability, and security” of its offerings. At […]
  • Canonical Finally Has Hardware Partners For Ubuntu Touch
    [March 5, 2014] Last year, Canonical unveiled its plan to upend the mobile industry with Ubuntu Touch. The mobile friendly version of Linux already runs on a wide variety of Android devices, but the company wants to start producing Ubuntu Touch hardware as well. It tried its hand at crowdfunding one such device last year that ended in […]
  • New Linux 3.13 Kernel Released
    [January 22, 2014] The latest Linux kernel was officially released this week, bringing several new features with the start of the new year. Linux 3.13 can now be compiled and installed freely.
  • Google Compute Engine Now Available To All
    [December 3, 2013] Last year, Google unveiled Compute Engine at Google I/O, apparently seeking to compete with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for the cloud computing needs of businesses.
  • Steam Dev Days Coming In January
    [October 25, 2013] There’s no denying that Valve is a major force in PC gaming. After all, the company singlehandedly revived the PC gaming market with Steam. Now it’s entering the gaming hardware and operating system markets, and it wants developers along for the ride.
  • HostGator, Linux and The Dukes of Hazzard
    [August 28, 2013] If you’re old, like me…let’s say, over 30 years old…you might remember the television show “The Dukes of Hazzard”. Waylon Jennings, a popular country music singer during the late 70′s and early 80′s sang the theme song. The lyrics are:
  • Ubuntu Smartphone Needs $32 Million In Funding
    [July 23, 2013] Ubuntu announced earlier this year that it was bringing its unique flavor of Linux to smartphones and tablets. At the time, it said that it was working with carriers to bring hardware to the market. Now it’s taking its plea directly to its users with what may be the largest crowdfunding campaign ever.
  • Cumulus Linux Emerges After Three Years Of Development
    [June 25, 2013] Cumulus Networks has now launched after operating in stealth mode for about three years, and revealed Cumulus Linux for datacenter networking. In fact, the company calls it “the first true, full-featured Linux operating system for datacenter networking”.
  • Windows Replaced By Linux In The International Space Station
    [May 10, 2013] Linux has become the operating system of choice for NASA’s laptops when it comes to the International Space Station. The ISS has been using Windows XP, though the majority of its ground-based support systems on Earth are reportedly Linux-based.
  • Lightweight Command Line Downloading with Aria2
    [March 13, 2013] Sometimes you just want a quick and easy way of downloading large files. If you’re like me, you want this with as little of a memory footprint as possible. Aria2 gives me this ability. When downloading a torrent for a recent Linux release, I was able to do this with only 5MB of memory being […]
  • Could Linux Get Microsoft Office In 2014?
    [February 18, 2013] After years of being ignored by major software vendors, Linux is starting to get the attention and respect it deserves. The open source OS has already nabbed a major partner in Valve as the company is working on bringing Steam over. Now Microsoft may be jumping on board by bringing its flagship productivity suite to […]
  • Comic Books, Linux and KDE 4
    [February 6, 2013] Sometimes I read comic books. I would hope that some of you do as well. I collected the paper version of comic books when I was a kid (Mostly Superman and Spiderman) and I’ve graduated up to the digital version now. Comic books in digital format usually use the .cbz or .cbr file extension. To […]
  • Valve’s Steam Box Has More Details Revealed
    [January 18, 2013] Last week, CES 2013 opened with the news that the oft-rumored Steam box was real. The hardware is a mini-PC that will bring PC gaming to the living room. It’s Valve’s attempt at taking on the console market, and it just might work. Of course, we won’t know for sure until we get more details […]
  • Valve To Enter Hardware Development Next Year
    [December 12, 2012] There were a few rumors from earlier this year that Valve was building its own game console. It would be a big step for the company that made its fortune on its Steam digital distribution service. It was also exciting since nothing has really shaken up the console market since Microsoft entered into the equation in 2001 with the Xbox. At the time, however, Valve said its game console was just a rumor, but it appears that the rumor is finally graduating into a truth.