Could Linux Get Microsoft Office In 2014?

After years of being ignored by major software vendors, Linux is starting to get the attention and respect it deserves. The open source OS has already nabbed a major partner in Valve as the company is working on bringing Steam over. Now Microsoft may be jumping on board by bringing its flagship productivity suite to the OS.

Phoronix, the site that broke the news of Steam coming to Linux, has heard from an anonymous source that Microsoft is taking a “meaningful look” at bringing Office to Linux in 2014. This recent change of heart is apparently due to Microsoft finding that Linux may just a profitable platform now.

The past few months have been good to the Linux community as more developers start to see the platform as a viable alternative to Windows and Mac OS X. We’ve already mentioned Valve making a native Linux version of Steam available, but other companies like Nvidia have also been working to bring better software drivers to Linux.

Microsoft may see Linux as being even more financially viable as Valve plans to launch its Steambox later this year. The mini-computers will run Ubuntu thus increasing the market share for Linux even more. The upcoming Ubuntu smartphones and Ubuntu for Android may also serve to get Linux into the hands of even more people.

Truth be told, Linux doesn’t necessarily need Microsoft Office as there are already some great open source alternatives. It’s more about the principle than anything else as it means Linux is finally starting to get some recognition. Games are one thing, but getting official support from Microsoft would hopefully make Linux far more mainstream than it already is.