Linux Expands Even Further Into The Enterprise

Linux adoption extends deeper into the corporate enterprise as companies start picking up on the latest versions of Linux for ordinary users.Linux desktop has seen a lot of adoption in smaller companies, meaning that as vista sales falter, and XP is still hot selling, companies are looking at ways to seriously reduce costs, Linux has made headway lately, that is the interesting part.

The Linux Foundation survey also found that the Linux desktop has become a mainstream desktop replacement. While many businesses use Linux as a development desktop (53.3 percent), almost two-thirds (66.1 percent) use it as a client desktop. Linux is no longer just an operating system for the technically inclined. It also is an operating system that its users have near complete trust in. Seventy-six percent believe desktop Linux is absolutely ready to for mission-critical applications, while 17.3 percent believe that desktop Linux is probably ready for even the most important business jobs. Source: Desktop Linux

As Linux becomes more adopted, and gains wider use in the marketplace, along with the NYSE using Linux for their hybrid stock trading system, and a 20% boost in Apple Operating System sales, the news here is that people are finding value in systems other than Microsoft. If anything is going to grab their attention, this might be it. With the general love-hate relationship that people seem to have with Vista, gains in the market for Apple and Linux, the response from Microsoft is all important. Microsoft does good things, makes phenomenal technology, they are losing market share.