Lenovo Finally Releases SuSE Installed Thinkpads

After a bit of a delay, Lenovo has finally released it’s Thinkpads with Linux pre-installed.The company first mentioned it’s plans to do just that all the way back in August, calling for a fourth-quarter 2007 release. Obviously it didn’t quite work out that way, but at least it’s still January. The Thinkpad T61 and R61 models are currently available with Novell’s SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. Novell’s senior manager of Desktop Linux, Michael Applebaum is quoted as saying, “We are very pleased to see our work with Lenovo reach the market and begin bearing fruit for customers around the world.” “The Lenovo ThinkPads with SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop pre-loaded allow customers to reap the security, usability and flexibility advantages of Linux with the comfort of knowing it is pre-installed and fully supported by their hardware provider,” says Applebaum. Lenovo will even be providing support for the operating system, though Novell will be responsible for the updates according to CNET. Along with the OS the Thinkpads will come with Firefox, RealPlayer,Flash Player, and OpenOffice pre-installed.Wolfgang Gruener at TG Daily writes:

Just like Dell, which recently rolled out notebook and desktops with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, Lenovo has offered a Linux Thinkpad in the past: However, this first generation – based on a T60p model – was more than $1200 more expensive than a comparable Windows XP system and made little sense to a mainstream buyer. This new sub-$1000 approach is certainly will attract the interest of more potential customers.

In February laptop consumers will get another taste of Linux when Thinkpads loaded with Penryn chipsets from Intel will also be shipped with it. Currently, the Thinkpad T61s are quoted with a starting price of $949.