Linux-Based Everex GPC Pulled From Wal-Mart Shelves

Price-wise, we think a $200 PC is hard to beat. Wal-Mart (and/or the store’s customers) apparently found fault with something, however, as the company has decided to dedicate its shelf space to something else.There were issues with the $200 machine. Stories of malfunctions and breakdowns are floating around the Web, and in any case, the gPC was undeniably underpowered. Also, it’s likely that a lot of people were turned off by the lack of a monitor.But Everex’s gPC was Linux-based, and fans of the operating system are taking its defeat hard. Having it available at Wal-Mart – and again, for only $200 – seemed like a way in which some market share could have been gained against Windows.This could be a loss for Google’s much-discussed (and still-unseen) operating system, as well. The gPC was tied to a whole lot of Google’s products and services, and if it’s no longer readily available, fewer people will be able to get used to them.If you want to try one out, or just take a peek, the machines can still be bought, though. Even as the physical locations prepare to carry something else, Doug Aamoth noticed that the Wal-Mart site continues to offer the $200 Everex gPC.