The Linux Foundation Announces Partnership with Linux Academy on Training

The Linux Foundation recently announced a new partnership with Linux Academy on discounted Linux training for SysAdmins.

The Foundation says it negotiated a special rate for Sysadmins around the world ($75 for 3 months).

“Subscription-based training opportunities offer SysAdmins another way to access Linux and open source training materials,” the Foundation said. “A quarterly subscription allows SysAdmins to spread out the cost of Linux and open source training, making it more feasible for more people to take advantage of material that can lead to the most lucrative careers in technology. This aligns with The Linux Foundation’s mission to increase access to quality Linux and open source education to as many individuals as possible.”

The training consists of thousands of videos, labs, access to full-time instructors, downloadable study guides, graded exercises (carried out on real servers), and performance-based practice exams. The material covers a “wide range” of topics on Linux, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, and DevOps.

Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin said, “Our partnership with Linux Academy allows us to expand the number of individuals able to take quality Linux training, whether they are new to the community or trying to improve their skills. It’s fantastic to be able to provide subscription-based training as another offering, to complement The Linux Foundation’s existing online, in-person and onsite training options.”

“The Linux Foundation is an ideal partner for spreading the word about how subscription-based Linux training can provide individuals with a huge variety of educational content and materials for ongoing learning opportunities,” said Linux Academy founder Anthony James. “We are pleased that Linux Academy’s expertise and materials will be available even more widely through this partnership, helping bring even more people into the Linux and open source community.”

You can check out the Academy’s offerings here.